Microsoft Account – Join the community!

The Microsoft website offers free registration! You can create an account and use it to improve the experience on some parts of their website as well as to obtain access to your library of programs and games on the Microsoft Store.

 Microsoft account can help

A Microsoft Account can be used for many different purposes:

  • Keep everything you need synchronized in the cloud, so every time you change your device you still will have what you had on the one you were using before!
  • You can have lots of fun with the Xbox Live and Microsoft Store, and all the information of these platforms are used through this Microsoft account! Find fast and easily your games, music, movies and more.
  • Contact your friends using Skype via chat, call or video call! Also, you can use the mail services of Outlook for free.
  • High Security level: You can configure your privacy in detail to share only what you want to share! Enjoy now the security of a company that invests huge amounts of money into protecting their systems from hackers, you will be safe! Also, you can create a copy backup in the cloud to activate them anytime!
  • A Microsoft account helps you improve your experience on many different online websites and services, such as the ones already said but also some others less known, for instance we have Bing or MSN, or the OneDrive.

In conclusion, getting a Microsoft account can help you stay in touch with your loved ones and friends, improve your overall productivity and also have lots of fun! You can use your own email or even your phone number instead to save your account! So why not go and create one right now?

It´s very easy! All you need to do is go through the following link and click on “Login” then on “Register” and then you simply introduce your information!

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