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OpenStreetMap or also called streetmap is a website created with the purpose of maintaining an updated map of the entire world.

The website is built by a huge community of collaborators that use multiple ways to ensure the quality of the maps is high, such as aerial images, GPS devices, local maps and many other free fonts of content.

They claim to have a huge and enthusiast community that grows everyday, with lots of engineers, experience cartographers and map experts.

StreetMap is said to be free open-data, which basically means that you can use the information shown in their maps in any way you want really, as long as you give them credit for the information provided, nothing else is needed! You can even use this information for marketing purposes or business, that’s completely fine!

They do have a legal organization created for the website, called the OSMF. If you are gonna use some of their maps, you should take a look there first to check any questions you might have, or maybe check autor rights as well as any other legal doubts you might have regarding their services.

They do have a group of partners, being the most remarked ones “UCL” and “ByteMark Hosting”.

The coolest thing about this website is that you have the right and permission to edit the maps anytime you want! Since this is a public community work, it aims to give everyone the opportunity to put their grain of sand into the project!

You can also check the history of the website, you will be able to find changes done by the users recently with this tool. You will quickly realize this project is highly active because you can see everyday lots of user interactions on there!

Definitely, you should check streetmap if you enjoy mapping related stuff.

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