What is Pandora and how to start with it?

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Pandora is a popular music streaming service on the US. Apart from music, Pandora allows you to listen to certain podcasts available, along with SiriusXM shows. The platform uses unique technology to track each user’s music consumption and provide them playlists and recommendations of songs, albums and artists that match the genre they listen to the most. It is available to use from a desktop, mobile, tablet, TV or car, and gives you the ability to download any songs or podcasts you want for offline streaming!

As of today, Pandora offers three plans. The first one is the free version, that gives you unlimited access to podcasts and personalized stations, but limits you with ads in between listening and does not allow you to download any songs. Also, the Free version restricts making and sharing playlists.

The second plan is Pandora Plus, which costs only $4.99 per month, a price that its competitors cannot reach! Unlike the Free plan, Plus gives you access to ad-free stations and podcasts. It offers unlimited skips and limits your offline stations to only four. And unfortunately, you still can’t make or share playlists.

The best plan Pandora offers is the Premium one. It undoubtedly offers the best Pandora experience, since it has the same perks as Plus, but with many more! An ad-free experience, unlimited offline listening, the ability to create custom playlists and search for any song of your liking is only just a part of what Pandora Premium has to offer! The plan’s price is $9.99/month, but students and military members get a discounted version, coming down to $4.99 and $7.99 respectively. Finally, Premium is also eligible for a Family account at $14.99 per month, that allows up to six members to join! Each user has their own music and they can also create a shared playlist, something most other streaming services don’t offer.


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