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Microsoft Terms of Use or TOU describes the terms and conditions of Microsoft services provided to you.

Microsoft holds the right to update these terms at any time without any notice. If you need to access the most current version of Terms of Use, you need to refer the Microsoft’s official page on Terms of Use.

Microsoft provides you access to a different type of resources, tools, downloads, forums product information. All services including updates, enhancements, new features, addition of new functions are under Terms of Use.4

  1. Personal and Non Commercial Use The services offered with this term means that you can use the services for your own personal use and you cannot use for any commercial purpose. You are not supposed to change, copy, distribute , perform, publish, license or sell these services.
  2. Privacy and Protection of Personal Information. Microsoft collects personal data to provide certain services. Microsoft uses these data improve and develop products, personalize products, send promotional communication, advertising and present any relevant offer. Personal data will also be used for analyzing performance, legal obligations and research.
  3. Notice Specific to Software. Software that you can download from Microsoft official website is copyright work of Microsoft. The terms of end user license governs its usage. Any reproduction or redistribution of the software against the license agreement is prohibited by law.
  4. Notice Specific to Documents. You have permission to use documents such as white papers, datasheets, FAQs, press releases, provided the relevant copyright notice appears in all copies. And its use is only for information, personal and non commercial purpose. Educational institutes may download these documents and reproduce for distribution in their classroom. Any other distribution needs written permission from Microsoft.
  5. Member Account and security. When any of the services you need requires you to login into Microsoft website, you need to create a member account registration. Upon completion and approval, you can log into Microsoft account. You are free to use this account but you will be held liable for any loss to Microsoft when you misuse the account for any malicious activity.
  6. Prohibited Use. Under this condition, you cannot use the service offered by Microsoft for any unlawful or prohibited activities.
  7. Use of services. Microsoft provides various communication facilities under this service. You agree to use to communicate with others to post or send messages that are proper and without infringement to any copyrights, trademark, patent and other proprietary right.

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