Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle

This page highlights the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 essentials bundles. At the top of the page, a large image takes up most of the screen. The image is a photograph of a surface pro laid open on a modern desk next to a coffee mug and a Microsoft Surface Pen. A large white banner beneath features the heading “Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle” with an image of five stars beneath. Four of the five stars are colored gold and the number 13 alongside indicates this rating is taken from 13 reviews. A smaller image of a Microsoft Surface Pro appears to the left with icons for Office 365 and Microsoft Complete alongside. To the right is the starting price above a large blue button which is a link to create your own bundle. The words “free standard shipping” and “free returns” appear beneath the blue button.

The next part of the screen offers two tabs, one for an overview and another for reviews. The overview tab shows more images of the Microsoft Surface Pro and a paragraph of text outlining some of the features of the Surface Pro and the Surface Pen. Three images with a paragraph each appear below. The first describes the Surface Pro keyboard integrated into its cover with an image of three keyboards displayed together. The middle image is the Office 365 icon with a paragraph to explains the options available with different subscriptions. The third image shows a Surface Pro next to a carry bag with the Microsoft Complete icon and the paragraph beneath explains the advantages of the extended service plan offered with Microsoft Complete.

Some of the words in the paragraphs have an asterisk alongside and two paragraphs below explain what each asterisk means. The first asterisk refers to the Surface Pen and explains it is sold separately followed by a further paragraph outlining how long different offers will be available. The second refers to how iOS and Android require the installation of separate apps. A further paragraph explains the terms of this offer.

The reviews tab shows an overall star rating and a list of independent customer reviews, quoted directly and labeled with the first name of the customer and the date the review was posted.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials

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