Get to know Microsoft Products Licensing

The page is part of the licensing section of the Microsoft website. The tape at the top of the page contains links to other areas of licensing such as product licensing and licensing terms.

There is also an area for existing customers. Each of these links opens up a drop-down menu with links to other areas.

The next part of the page contains a shading box with the large heading “Licensing Terms” and a paragraph below explains that the licensing terms on the page refer to terms and conditions of products purchased through Microsoft Volume purchasing.

A large image of two people looking at what appears to be a screen appears to the right.

The next section contains the heading “Product Terms” and a paragraph explains these terms contain information for how to purchase licenses. A blue link offers to take you to a page for frequently asked questions.

Beneath this, a list of countries appears in blue for you to select from. Beneath this is a further section that is very similar in structure. The heading is “Online Service Terms” which again features a short paragraph and the same list of countries.

Two more sections appear below, again in the same style. A thin, solid line also divides the sections. The first of these refers to “Service Provider Use Rights” and a smaller list of countries is offered.

The next is “Service Level Agreements” and a slightly longer list of countries is offered, though not containing the full 36 countries that appear in the first two lists. The last section refers to “ISV EULAs and Product Range”.

The lower part of the page is divided into three columns with the headings “Related Resources”, “Hot Topics” and “Product Information”. Each heading has a list of blue words beneath it and these words are links other relevant pages.

Licensing terms

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