Microsoft Trademarks

This page includes drop-down menus for every letter in the alphabet in addition to a menu for numbers. At the top of the page, the Microsoft logo appears alongside the standard row of links to other pages on the website.

A box labeled “Options” appears beneath the heading which allows you to change the language you are using. Clicking the arrow beside each letter opens up the menu to include every Microsoft trademark, including games, which begin with that letter, These appear in a simple list in alphabetical order. Similarly, clicking the arrow beside the numbers shows which numbered titles are also Microsoft trademarks.

Some of the trademarks are names of software products or games. Logos or icons are also trademarked linked to titles and these feature beneath the title they are linked to. For example, Office 2012 design features the familiar icon of the square box. Each of the icons, and the text, appear in black and white and all are about the same size, Where a product has been released several times or rebranded at different times, each title and icon appears with the year of release indicated alongside. For example, Office 2010 and Office 2012 icons both appear next to the title “Office 2010 design” and “Office 2012 design” respectively. The title of the product appears on its own as well as when referring to its representative icon. For example, OneDrive appears on one line with “OneDrive design” and the icon on the line below.

In order to close the list so the letter and arrow button appear on their own, you need only click on the arrow next to the letter. When the list appears, the arrow points upwards but when the list is hidden it points downwards. You can click on more than one letter at a time to view multiple lists of Microsoft trademarks on the same screen at the same time.

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