Get Help With PC Compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

This page features an article with the above title as its headline. Beneath the heading, in small font, the words “applies to Windows 10” are included. On the right-hand side, a list of three links appears with a small icon next to each. These links are written in blue font and offer the opportunity to email the article, send it to print or subscribe to RSS feeds. Clicking this link takes you to another page with details about receiving support updates.

The rest of the article gives advice and information about what might happen when you try to set up or run Windows Mixed Reality. A link in blue allows you to go straight to specifications without reading the rest of the article. As the article continues, it lists examples of what messages your computer might show you at various stages of the process. These examples are written in a larger font and act as subheadings. The first one is “You’re good to go” which means your machine is able to run Windows Mixed Reality with no problems.

The second possible message, again shown as a subheading, is “Supports some features” which suggests there may be problems. A short paragraph explains this in more detail and is followed by a list of further potential messages. Each of these statements is written in blue and acts as a link to take you to a page containing further information.

The third sub-heading is “Can’t run mixed reality” which is followed by a further blue list of possible messages your PC could display. Again, these statements are links to another page with more details. A further section with the title “Getting the best performance” follows, with a paragraph giving advice on how to maintain optimum performance by closing down all other apps. A note appears in a shaded box, followed by the date the article was last updated. At the bottom of the page is the question “Did this solve your problem?” followed by two blue boxes to allow you to select either yes, or no.

PC Compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

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