What You Need To Know About Microsoft Narrator

Microsoft Narrator is a screen based read and write app that runs on Windows. Its serves people who cannot see screen properly or have low vision to use the screen. You don’t need to install Narrator as it’s already included in all Windows from Windows 2000.

Narrator allows you to do common tasks without using a keyboard. You can interact with the screen by clicking text and buttons on it. Also, you can browse Internet, read and write mails and create documents.

You can navigate Narrator using headings, links, landmarks or through specific voice commands. To start Narrator, just press Windows logo key + Ctrl + Enter together.

You can configure Narrator commands with specific keys on the keyboard and also use them as shortcuts.

To open apps, just press windows key and Narrator +T to let you hear which app has focus at any point.

Using scan mode in Narrator, you can navigate apps, email and browse webpages and read any text, jump to headings, links and tables or select a text for copy and paste.

You can use Narrator with touch and gestures enabled devices which does not have a keyboard. You can use gestures and touch to interact with Narrator to explore and hear items on screen, drag with one finger on the screen.

You can also enter text through the touch keyboard that appears at the lower part of the screen and Narrator let you know that keyboard has got focus on the screen.

You can configure narrator through its settings options: volume when you type, keyboard’s commands and add third party text to speech software.

Narrator also supports 12 braille commands, including navigate, interact, browse, enter text and read text.

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