Microsoft Contact Page

The Microsoft Contact Page emphasizes the Get Help App for Windows 10 with a button next to a large smiling avatar that offers a direct link to the app itself.

This avatar and the button containing the link take up the majority of the page. It explains that the support available is completely free of charge and suggests response time is very fast.

For those who are unable, or chose not to download the app onto their device, a further link allows you to use the browser to contact support.

By scrolling down, you can find different types of support on offer. This is divided into three sections.

The first is for business or IT developers. A link is offered that takes you to a different page where a wizard is waiting to guide you through support options linked to a Microsoft support plan that can be purchased by businesses. The second offers support through the Microsoft store.

This provides the opportunity to ask questions about products and purchases. It takes you to a page with a list of frequent questions, each with a link to the support provided. In addition, there is a telephone number for direct contact for customers from the USA.

Further down the page, countries are listed alphabetically and by following the links customers can find a telephone number for their own region. There is also a link to a different page on technical or download support and a button that allows you to chat live to a virtual agent.

The third section is a link to a specialized support page for customers with disabilities.

Clicking the link to use the browser to contact support takes you directly to a virtual agent. A separate window appears which offers a box for direct messages and responses will be returned in a live chat format.

Microsoft Contact Page

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