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This page is a forum containing a number of responses from live users. At the top of the page, a blue button offers a link for you to ask your own question. Beside this box, two grey boxes appear. The first says there are no announcements and the other is a search bar to allow you to search the forum for keywords.

To the left-hand side of the responses, a short menu appears. Under the heading “Forums” a blue link gives you the choice to view all forums and a grey box beneath allows you to select a different forum to view. Beneath this is a list of top answerers in the last thirty days with their username and profile picture displayed in small icons. Beside the name is the number of responses given. The username can be clicked to take you into that user’s profile.

The forum itself includes responses with headings. Buttons at the top allow you to filter the responses or sort, with the current sort showing most recent. The title of the response is written in blue and works as a link to take you into that response in more detail. Beneath the title, the name of the Microsoft product involved is also written in blue. The first two lines of the question appear in black font beneath the title. For more details or to read the response in full, you need to click on the blue title.

Beneath the response, the word “discussion” appears in blue, again a link to take you the full discussion. Adjacent to this, the number of responses and views appears next to the name of the user who created the thread and the date or time it was created, Some of the threads are discussions while others are proposals, indicated by different icons. The number of votes for each thread is also displayed beneath the icon.

MSDN Developer Forum

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