What is and how to build apps with Microsoft Developer

As the name indicates, Microsoft Developer is a one-stop resource portal from the Redmond based giant that offers tools, training and all the information needed to develop products and services on Microsoft platforms.

On the site, IT professionals will find in-depth articles, general details and interviews from experts all aimed at helping them to create Windows-based software and apps.

Starting with Microsoft Developer!

The resources on the website are segregated into four categories:

  1. Windows: The section has the tools and resources needed to develop user-centric software for the Windows platform. Through the webpage, you can access Microsoft’s free resources for students as well as sample code, SDKs, learner videos and more.
  2. Azure: Those who intend to work on Microsoft’s cloud platform can get access to all the end-to-end tools and services of Azure on this page. If you sign up, you get free access to popular products for 12 months, along with a $200 credit.
  3. Visual Studio: From this webpage, you can download the Visual Studio IDE and Code. If you create an account, you also get access to the VS App Center that allows you to build and test your apps.
  4. Office: Documentation, training, SDKs, code, details on events and blogs, this section has everything related to Office. You can even join the Office 365 developer program and access online training material for free.

Building apps through Microsoft Developer

Once you are ready to create your app, the web portal offers a range of facilities and resources to make things easy for you. The “Build an App” section has 18 categories that have all the information you will need to:

  • Build cross-platform iOS and Android apps with Xamarin. Forms.
  • Develop a UWP app.
  • Build application for Windows-based PCs.
  • Develop and deploy apps on Azure.
  • Create apps using ASP. Net Core and learn the fundamentals of the open-source, cross platform framework.
  • Access Microsoft’s game development solutions.
  • Get information about HoloLens 2 and other mixed reality solutions and devices from Microsoft.
  • Access Microsoft’s Bot framework and SDKS.
  • Build with and use SharePoint.
  • Develop for Skype.
  • Access and use Microsoft Graph.
  • Build apps on the .NET platform.
  • Get information on Visual C++.
  • Build and Deploy Apps for Azure using Java.
  • Get Node.js documentation.
  • Build Python apps.
  • Access TypeScript.
  • Use Microsoft Power Platform.

With forums and exclusive sections dedicated to startups and students, the Microsoft Developer website is designed to serve the requirements of IT professionals at all levels.

Microsoft Developer

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