Microsoft Community – Give and receive answers

Microsoft Community is simply a group of customers of Windows products and services which are looking for answers to questions regarding any of the related topics. They can interact between each other creating threads that allows them to ask anything, and get responses from other users.

In reality, most of the answers to the majority of the questions can be found in the FAQ of their product or service, but that can be hard to find sometimes so people just prefer directly asking to others.

There are also a good amount of Windows support staff available in the forums assisting the customers with any issues they can have.

The Microsoft Community website is divided into multiple categories depending of the product, but regardless of the categories shown you can just look for a thread on the search bar or creating one without a specific category assigned, assuming you don’t know where to place it.

Sometimes there is nothing like humans helping other humans to quickly find solutions, even if the FAQs are great for general purpose, they are not always updated and showing all the needed answers.

There is also a part of the webpage, at the bottom, that shows information about the most helpful contributors, so if you are often looking for answers you could directly ask them something in the forums.

The best thing is that you don’t need any specific knowledge to make use of this forum, since even if you nowhere near on an expert level on computers and technology, you can just use this link to get a basic guide provided by Microsoft on how to use the Microsoft Community forums.

Of course, there is no cost of using any of these tools. You can participate now for free, from anywhere, anytime, from your Microsoft account!

You can access the Microsoft Community here

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