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Formerly known as Bing Finance, the service from Microsoft is now available in the form of a web portal and collection of online finance related services as well as an app. The MSN Money app can be accessed on Windows Mobile, Windows 10 as well as Android devices.

Finance at your finger tips

Information on stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and more, MSN money has all of this for you along with latest financial news that can impact your investing decisions. In addition, you also get access to a range of financial tools such as:

  1. Mortgage calculator
  2. Retirement planner
  3. Currency Convertor
  4. Wealth estimator and others.

The information that you want; when you want it!

The consistent design and the “Watchlist” feature of MSN Money delivers the precise data that you need to be on top of the finance game. With Watchlist, you can sync MSN money across platforms and devices, so you get quick access to information on the stocks, ETFs and mutual funds that matter to you.

If that is not enough, you also get real-time data about stock prices, chart trends and economic news that impacts the financial markets. Moreover, MSN Money offers an easy and quick way to get latest information on insurance, taxes, real estate, retirement, technology, savings, spending and borrowing.

MSN Money Index Details

At this time, the MSN Money app and web portal tracks all the major indexes that you can think of. For instance:

  1. In the US and Americas, the service tracks DOW, NASDAQ Composite, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, S&P 100, S&P 400 Mid Cap Index, NYSE Composite Index Mini Value, AMEX Composite, Russell 2000, TSX-Toronto Stock Exchange 300 Composite and others.
  2. Across the world, MSN Money offers live updates on DAX, Nikkei, Sensex, HANG SENG, SHANGHAI COMPOSITE, KOSPI, NZSE 50 and others.

For every index, you get the day’s summary including range, the 52-week range, the analysis of the movement of the largest components of the index and more.

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